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Per Thornberg - born 1962,  jazz musician, teacher in improvisation, tenor saxophonist, lecturer, author of educational books, arranger, composer, art critic, from Halmstad.

Has played jazz/improvised music for 40 years in both steady and temporary settings from solo/duo to big band.

Has 35 years experience in teaching at the music and culture schools as well as music high schools.

Has been a guest lecturer in adult education courses in over 40 Swedish towns. Has contributed to radio, TV and diverse CD recordings.

Enjoys working together with visual artists in crossover projects with jazz and art.

Is a member of STIM and SKAP.

Has written 25 original educational books about jazz improvisation, one book about musik and art, produced 12 CDs and 19 singles in his own name.

Has performed with Lars Jansson, Yasuhito Mori, Jacob Karlzon, Jesper Lundgaard, Arne Domnérus, Bobo Stenson, Anders Persson, Petúr "Island" Östlund, Kevin Gibson, Andrew Lilly, Gordon Vernick, Justin Binek, Dave Ledbetter, Romy Brauteseth, Carl Allen, Adrian Mears, Mike del Ferro, John Fedchock, Per Gessle among others.

Along with concert tours in Sweden, PT has performed as guest artist in Denmark, Norway, France, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, USA and U.K.

Is currently employed at the Sture high school in Halmstad. as well as his freelance work as lecturer and jazz musician.

Thornbergs Musikproduktion (TMP) began in 1994 with the publication of educational books and CDs, continuing education, lectures, and concerts on freelance basis.

Equipment: Selmer Mark VI tenor 1956 ( series), and Selmer SBA tenor 1951 ( series), Phil Barone metal mouthpiece and Rico Select filed reeds.

For booking, information, questions, contact and orders; 

+46 70 696 43 44

Translation: Steve Dobrogosz


Lines & Waves
Free Tree Flow
The Light
The Starter
The Point
Heseldon Road
The Darkness
Salmon Rising
City Pulse
Figures & Movement
In Memoriam
In Motion
Twin Souls
Ocean Vibe
Back at Sweetspot
Summer Night


CD 1 - "Pictures"                       

CD 2 - "In Focus"                      
CD 3 - "Standard Session"      
CD 4 - "Dynamic Dialogue"    
CD 5 - "Moods"                          
CD 6 - "Musical Landscape"  
CD 7 - "The Six Elements"      
CD 8 - "Guidelines"                  
CD 9 - "Lines for Lage"
CD 10 - "A Place for You"
CD 11 - "Blue Concept"

CD 12 - "The Sweetspot Sessions"

DVD - Music & Art
"The Six Elements" (50 min)
Compositions and arrangements by Per Thornberg.
Paintings, sculptures and drawings by Dagmar Glemme.

Books - Jazz Improvisation

Vol 1 - "Jazz Improvisation"
Vol 2 - "Jazz Etudes for solo"
Vol 3 - "Jazz Ensemble"
Vol 4 - "Jazz Saxophone"
Vol 5 - "Improvise over changes"
Vol 6 - "50 Compositions"
Vol 7 - "Melodic lines II-V-I"
Vol 8 - "Jazz Duets for saxophone"
Vol 9 - "Reflections - Art"
Vol 10 - "Imp Methodology"
Vol 11 - "Improvisation Tunes"
Vol 12 - "Jazz Duets"
Vol 13 - "Jazz Piano"
Vol 14 - "Jazz Strings"
Vol 15 -  "Saxophone Etudes"
Vol 16 - "Motif Exercises"
Vol 17 - "Basic material Ensemble"
Vol 18 - "Jazz Wind Instruments"
Vol 19 - "Motif Sax Etudes"
Vol 20 - "Jazz Phrasing"
Vol 21 -  "Jazz Improvisation"
Vol 22 - "Cosmic Journey"
Vol 23 - "Guidelines"
Vol 24 - "Timelines"
Vol 25 - "Rilke Songs"

All volumes in Swedish except
vol 21 (English).